Although the BIRTEE PRO golf tees are ideal for golfers of all ages and calibers, for all surfaces and all size clubs, the inspiration was to make teeing off EASY and FAST for everyone, no matter how young or old, how big or small or how flexible or strong you are.

The inspiration (in 2005) was from observing a similar problem with 2 golfers at opposite ends of the age spectrum. The problem was the same for both, but for very different reasons.   My father-in-law (age 72) was on a waiting list for 2 hip replacements and my 3 year old son, was just learning to play.

The problem was difficulty pushing a regular tee at the desired height for any size club when the ground was hard and also very time consuming especially for my 3 year old golfer.

Partial solution (in 2007) from recycled Badminton Birdies, which is the origin of the name BIRTEE

This was the solution to make teeing off EASY and FAST, since GRAVITEE does all the work, but there was now a new problem: HEIGHT

The challenge was to find a height system that would please every golfer for any size club.

Solution (in 2008): the original BIRTEE with the 8 sizes for all size clubs. See Chart on Home page. CLICK HERE.

Solution (in 2011): the BIRTEE PRO (all 8 tees conform to the USGA & RCGA rules of golf)

Height formula:  each tee is numbered on the inside and the # of the tee divided by FORE= the height of the tee in inches.



Since gravity does all the work the BIRTEE PRO tees are ideal for:  anyone that has problems with flexibility, golfers suffering from back or hip problems, Tendonitis, Arthritis, MS, Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease, or golfers with disabilities, even blind golfers as there are 2 height identification systems to help the visually impaired golfers (I was inspired by my mom for this system as she went blind in 2002). They are also ideal for anyone recovering from an accident or a bad fall or from an operation.

After 2 bad falls in the last 5 years it is now my turn (at age 53) to have a hip replacement in the spring of 2013. Because of the hip and back pain and arthritis that I now have, it makes me appreciate my invention even more than ever before.

After reading the Ottawa Hospital Journal article about my tees (see the Press page: CLICK HERE) members of the Therapeutic Recreation department at the Ottawa Hospital are interested in using my tees as part of their Rehab Program to help their patients as they adapt with their disabilities and healing process and rehabilitation.

At the bottom are pictures from SAAGA (Southern Australia Amputee Golf Association) golfers. They were sent to me last year by Gary Hart (1959-2012), Founder of SAAGA and friend (that I was lucky enough to get to know because of my invention, even if it was for just a few months, through E mails, phone calls and Skype) who passed away suddenly and that I miss. He loved my tees because of how they helped him and his members. It is also because of him that my tees are now at Drummond Golf in Darwin, Australia. Also go to the Video page, the bottom 4 videos are from SAAGA , the bottom 2 are of Gary. CLICK HERE.

Below are some testimonials that I got from another friend, Jim Gales, blind golfer and Chairman of SDGP (Scottish Disability Golf Partnership) that I got to know because of Gary Hart.

Even though the # 1 quality that people love about my tees is the CONSTANT height, because it is that consistency which helps their game and final score, I am always happy to receive Testimonials from golfers that use my tees, but it feels extra special when I get them from golfers that appreciate the fact that they make teeing off EASIER for them for whatever reason, as it was the inspiration for the invention.

BIRTEE PRO= EASY CONSISTENCY and please continue to send me your testimonials.

Thank you,






Canadian Forces Soldier-On Program member &disabled veteran is inspired to golf again!

“As a disabled veteran suffering with severe neuropathic and musculoskeletal disabilities which cause me to endure constant intractable pain and limited range of motion for both upper and lower body, I had all but given up the potential to play golf with any consistency or regularity.  I was by no means what one would call a good golfer previously, but I could hold my own and could play with little to no discomfort, but because of severe pain and discomfort that is no longer the case, or was.


Late last summer I was introduced to your BirTee and dare I say I am once again eager to tee off.  As a member of the Canadian Forces Soldier On program I have been very shy to apply for the golf programs for fear of the painful experience of trying to tee my ball and retrieve my tee afterwards.  I was also fearful of the potential injury and pain from playing on hard terrains, but, no longer is that the case.  Thanks to the BirTee and as I discovered during a recent SMGA Tourney for Wounded Warriors in Watertown, NY, I learned that as suggested by my physio assistant that I could if need be….slightly elevate my ball on a bad day using the lower numbered tees, thereby allowing me to avoid injury or pain on hard terrains.

I am no longer shaking when placing my tee on the tee box or for that matter when I bend down to retrieve it.  What a magnificent difference.


I am so glad also to see your product has now been brought in to the CANEX stores and into the fold of the Soldier On program.  Hopefully it will soon reach the masses everywhere.


What a great invention.  Thank you for giving me that inspiration to golf once again.


Frank Larabie, Perth, ON”


Ideal if you need a hip replacement!

“I want to thank you for this wonderful invention. It makes the positioning of the ball so much easier and precise, especially after 2 hip replacements. It speeds up my set up and knowing the ball is always at the same height has improved my game. I now hit the ball straighter and therefore gain more distance approx.20 yards. I tried all the different sizes, but have picked my 3 favorite sizes: #6 for my driver, # 3 for my 3 Wood and #2 for my Irons. I just love the easy consistency.” Thanks,

Gord, Perth, Ontario, Canada


“Straighter, longer shots and less pain bending is a benefit felt immediately”

“I have been using your BIRTEE PRO golf tees since July, 2011 (they were given to me by a friend) and would like to thank you for inventing them.

The Tees provide easy consistency and no resistance which is producing more flush shots and less side spin (the holy grail of golf).

They are so easy to use and my Boomer Buddies who have knee, back or sciatica issues are just so grateful that they can tee the ball without having to fiddle and stick the tee into the ground which is difficult for them especially on hard dry teeing areas (They will really come in handy in the autumn and early spring when the ground is cold and harder).

I know they are environmentally friendly and that is a bonus, but I must confess that straighter, longer shots and less pain bending is a benefit felt immediately and will provide more years of pure enjoyment of the game.

Good luck with your vision and thanks again for making something in Canada that is really useful and provides such simple pleasure.”

Arny Augustin, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


“I had broken my wrist… Birtee made it so much easier to start playing again”

“My consistency has greatly improved with having a tee that is always the same height…and it has certainly given me more confidence.  I had broken my wrist and not having to push a tee in the hard ground made it so much easier to start playing again.  I like the idea of not breaking anymore wooden tees and not polluting the golf course. Thanks to the inventor for this idea.  I’m telling all my friends about it.  I also love the fact that BIRTEE GOLF donates to the Alzheimer and the Breast Cancer Research.”

Norma, Perth, Ontario, Canada



“BIRTEE PRO – how simple yet effective an idea!  I only recently heard of the product (September 27, 2011), but I now wonder how I managed before.  I believe I am the first blind golfer to use the product and have already passed on tees to SDGP members in Scotland and our friends in England.  Using number 2, 3 and 6 regularly, identification is easy with the internal ridges and sturdy structure.  Well done Mario!!

Jim Gales MBE Springfield, Scotland Chairman SDGP (Scottish Disability Golf Partnership) & Team Scotland




“I first discovered BIRTEE PRO whilst playing for Scotland in the Inaugural Pan-Disabled International: England v Scotland 2011 “Auld Enemies Cup” at Slaley Hall, Northumberland, England, which took place October 7th-9th, 2011.

After trying them on the range I am hooked. Being blind, I struggle to maintain a constant height for my woods from the tee due to not being able to see the tee peg. I end up hitting low skimmers of very high shots which just hit the wind and balloon as a result of the tee being at the wrong height. Not anymore, I now even have two heights for my driver, one into wind keeping it low and one higher for the high wind behind drive.

The colour is excellent. I’m not only blind but red/green colour blind and the Blue BIRTEE PRO is easy to see.

I have used traditional solid winter tees but they just shatter and pieces break off. I now have a tie of 5 BIRTEES, 2 for my Driver, 1 for my 3 Wood, 1 for Irons and 1 for high Wedges.

No more tee pegs sticking in my legs just my 5 BIRTEES which will see me through the golfing year, “bring on winter golf and frozen tee boxes.”

Peter Osborne Team Scotland



“Brilliant, Ingenious, Revolutionary Tee! An absolute must for any golfer…!”

“Brilliant, Ingenious, Revolutionary Tee! These are the words that spring to my mind to describe the new BIRTEE PRO. I first discovered this fabulous invention at our recent Inaugural Pan-Disabled Scotland v England match at the Slaley Hall Resort, Northumberland, England, which took place October 7th-9th, 2011. As a blind golfer I have never before come across something so easy to use time after time. The consistent height, stability in windy conditions & how easy they are to find after hitting my Tee shot just amazed me. It is now one less thing I have to think about on the Tee as I know my ball is at exactly the right height for every club in my bag. I am also very impressed how easy they are to identify thanks to the ridge system inside them. An absolute must for any golfer but especially for blind or visually impaired golfers & I will definitely be recommending them to my friends. A 5 star product!”

Stevie Cunningham SDGP Vice Chairman & Scotland Team Vice Captain



“Having Primary Progressive MS, my walking/balance is poor. It is very difficult for me to push a conventional tee into the ground…The BIRTEE PRO tees will aid my independence on the course, rather than always having to rely on a helper.”

“Hi Mario,

I am contacting you from the Disabled Golf Society of England and Wales, our members have disabilities ranging from amputees, stroke survivors, cerebral palsy, partially sighted and deaf. I have MS myself and thought my golfing days were behind me as I cannot walk, but I can still stand and can hit a ball (albeit without using my legs), I’m not as good as I used to be, but it’s great being out on the golf course again. We recently played against Scotland in the inaugural ‘Auld Enemies Cup’ a ‘Ryder Cup’ style match play event, which took place October 7th-9th, 2011 at the Slaley Hall Resort, Northumberland, England. You were very kind to donate some of your ‘BIRTEE PRO tees’ to Jim Gales (the Scottish captain) and he passed them on to the England team.

The tees proved a success. Having Primary Progressive MS, my walking/balance is poor. It is very difficult for me to push a conventional tee into the ground, especially into hard ground. So, therefore, the BIRTEE PRO tees will be a great help to me and aid my independence on the course, rather than always having to rely on a helper. An excellent idea!”

Graeme Robertson (Team England Captain)



Using the BIRTEE PRO with the SoloRider = greater independence & faster play!

I just discovered the BIRTEE PRO golf tees (April 2013).  I use the SoloRider golf cart to help me get around the course as I am a paraplegic golfer and now by using the BIRTEE PRO with the SoloRider it gives me even greater independence.   I really like the tees, especially the ones for the Driver.  They r SO easy to just throw on the ground and set up for a shot, no fiddling with my tee to put in the ground…. SO MUCH EASIER–MUCH LESS TIME,,,   DONT FEEL LIKE MY PLG PARTNERS ARE SITTING THERE WAITING ON ME.  Very cool!!  (See the pictures at the very bottom of the page).

Rick Slaughter, Nashville, Tennessee, USA


Bad back?  Problem solved with Birtee Pro!

As a 74 year old man who still loves the game, but has difficulty setting a tee because of a bad back, the Birtee Pro has solved my problem.  I use the #6 Birtee Pro with my 10½ degree Cobra driver unless hitting into a strong wind when I change to a shorter # 4.  My drives are better because of the consistent height the tee provides.

Many thanks Mario

Jim Cassin Port Alberni, B.C.



For more information about SDGP ( Scottish Disability Golf Partnership) click on Logo: SDGP DEMO LOGO 1


Pictures from SAAGA (Southern Australia Amputee Golf Association) & from Rick from Nashville, Tennessee, USA with the Solorider.