Since the BIRTEE PRO golf tees makes teeing off FAST, EASY & CONSISTENT on any surface they are not only great for the golf course or when the ground is hard or frozen, but are IDEAL for GOLF SIMULATORS.

You will find that the 8 tee heights will give you all the heights that you like for any club selection.

More and more golfers are starting to bring the BIRTEE PRO golf tees with them when they go play at their favorite Golf Simulators.


To see a little video of a golfer using Tee #2 with a Fairway Wood in a Simulator, click on the following link:


To see more videos of golfers using Birtee Pro tees in Simulators click on the following link:


In the past year more and more Golf Simulator facilities in Canada and in the U.S. started using the Birtee Pro golf tees and below are 9 of them.   

If you wanted to ask them questions or get their opinion, feel free to contact any of them.



Steve Knapp

Golf 364

Linfield, Pennsylvania, USA

Tel.: 484-791-3563

E mail:


Brand: Foresight Sports Golf Simulators




Jeff Williams

Cottonwood Club

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


Brand: TruGolf Simulators




Harry Sherwood

Mulligans Indoor Golf & Practice Facility LLC

At Glengarry Golf Links

Latrobe, Pennsylvania, USA

Tel: 724-953-7998

E mail:

Website :

Brand: Foresight Sports Golf Simulators




Darin Jackman

Sticks & Stones Golf Simulators, Inc.

Saratoga Springs, Utah, USA

Tel: 888-978-5290



Brand: TruGolf Simulators




Rich Mierendorff

Sandtraps Indoor Golf

Port Huron, Michigan, USA

Tel.: 810-824-3799 

E mail:


Brand: Full Swing Golf Simulators




John Caughill

Oakville Indoor Golf Centre

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Tel.: 905 469 3535

Brand: AboutGolf Simulators




Justin MacDonald

ACCRA Golf Shafts

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Tel.: 613-389 3149

E mail:


Brand: TrackMan Launch Monitor &

HD Golf Simulator





Ben George

Backspin Indoor Golf & Bar

Ankeny, Iowa, USA

Tel: 515-965-6087



Brand: TruGolf Simulators



For French Information – Information en Français

Lise Lavoie

Golf Virtuel Saint Apollinaire

Saint-Apollinaire, Québec, Canada

Tél.: 418-433-4653


Site Web:

Brand- Marque : Simulateurs Golfotron

Site Web:







GOLF 18, Répentigny & Laval, Québec. 

Golf 18 introduced the BIRTEE PRO golf tees this year in its’ Golf Simulator Centers in Répentigny & Laval, Québec and we have found it to be an ideal tee solution for our centers. Our customers appreciate using these tees as they are easy to use and easy to find.


François – GOLF 18, Répentigny, Québec, January 2013.




Client at GOLF 18, Répentigny, Québec.




My name is Jean Arcand. I am a golf fanatic with a 12 handicap. I met you at the Montreal Golf Show in March 2012 in Laval.  I bought some samples of your BIRTEE PRO golf tees. 

I use Tee #5 with my Driver and Tee # 2 for the Par 3s with my Irons, Hybrids and 4 Wood.

What I  like best about your product is that there is no resistance when I hit my tee shots.

I also always have my ball at the same height. All I have to do is deposit the tee on the ground. 

Another nice surprise is that I play golf all winter long at GOLF 18  Golf Simulator in Répentigny, Québec and they started to use your product.  NICE !

Keep up the good work,

Jean Arcand, Montréal, Québec, January 2013.





We have been using the Birtee Pro golf tees at our Golf Simulators at Golf In Boisbriand for almost a year now and we are completely satisfied!

Our clients appreciate how simple it is to use these tees of 8 different heights that can be used for any size club.

The consistency that it offers as opposed to a traditional tee is one of the main qualities of this product, which is used more and more by our clients.  Even better is the fact that golfers can use the tees Indoor as well as Outdoor, which gives them a stability that they could not benefit from otherwise.

These tees are the ideal solution for our Golf Simulators: they don’t break, their bright colors make it possible to find them quickly and they provide a complete choice of heights to our clients!


Sarah-Ève Kemp

Coordonnatrice principale, (Principal coordinator)

GOLF IN BOISBRIAND, Boisbriand, Québec,  January 2013.