What is the #1 reason why people love your tees?


What is the #2 quality about your tees?


What are the #3 and #4 qualities about your tees?


By the way, they also float and therefore won’t pollute the bottom of the ponds unlike so many other tees.

Try this easy test with your own tees.

Drop some of your tees in a glass of water and see if they float.

Did you invent them for reason #1 or #2?

I invented them for reason #2.

It was to make it EASY for all golfers to tee it up.

I never thought that by solving the Height Problem it would give it its’ favourite quality, which is CONSISTENCY!

What or who inspired you to invent them?

I was inspired by 2 people in 2005; my father-in-law (73 at the time) and my son (3 at the time).

When the ground was hard in August that summer, it was difficult for both to tee it up, but for different reasons.

My father-in-law had a hip replacement and was on a waiting list for a second one and he could tee it up, but it was painful.

My son had no hip problems, but he had difficulty pushing the tee in the hard ground and if he did, it was never at the right height, and it would take him forever.

So the BIRTEE PRO is EASY or SIMPLE to use, it’s FAST, it’s DURABLE & RECYCLABLE and best of all it is CONSISTENT!

How long did it take you to come up with the solution?

About 1 year.

I searched for anything that I could recycle to make a tee that would sit on top of the ground to make it EASY to tee it up for everyone. The next summer I accidently discovered that a broken badminton birdie made an excellent tee, but the problem was the height.  So I spent the next 6 months experimenting with a height system that would please everyone for any size club.

So the name BIRTEE (original design) and BIRTEE PRO (new and improved design, which conforms with the USGA & RCGA Rules of Golf) comes from the words badminton BIRDIE?


What is your height system?

After experimenting for 6 months I found a height system that would suit every club for any golfer.  There is just enough difference from 1 tee to another to please everyone. You will find the perfect height for your DRIVER, WOODS, HYBRIDS & IRONS.

There are 8 tees in the set and here is the formula:

The # of the tee divided by FORE=the height of the tee in inches.

Trick from a golf Pro:

On a windy day, if you normally use tee #7 with your driver, drop down to tee #6 and think that you are still using #7 and your ball flight will be lower and cut through the wind better.

So your original idea was to help young and senior golfers?

Yes, but they really help everyone, but for different reasons:

  • For the Young golfers it is for EASY & FAST CONSISTENCY, which gives them CONFIDENCE and takes away a lot of stress and frustrations.
  • For the Senior golfers that are losing some flexibility it is EASY and Pain Free.
  • They are ideal for golfers of any age suffering from back problems, hip problems, tendonitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, wrist injuries, arthritic pain and discomfort etc…If you are lucky and don’t have any of those aches and pain, they are ideal because of the CONSISTENCY.  So just like for the young beginners, the CONSTANT tee height will give you more CONFIDENCE & CONSISTENCY.

If you break a lot of tees, try the BIRTEE PRO it is even more durable than the original BIRTEE.

I’m at 15 rounds this year with the same tee for my driver and 3 years ago I hit 756 drives with the same tee (the original BIRTEE).

So it’s also better for the golf courses, less pollution at the tee off areas and also less work for maintenance personnel.

Where are they made?


We try to keep it as local as I can.

BirTEE is located in Ontario and they are manufactured at L-D Tool & Die in Stittsville.

Our labels for Packaging are made by Impression Printing in Smiths Falls.

Our large posters are made by Images Inter Alia in Perth.

Our logo shirts and hats are made by Elite Embroidery & Engraving in Perth.

Our Patent & Trademark Lawyers are with Gowlings in Ottawa.

Our mould designer is Louis Ménard of 3D Précision of Nicolet, Québec

You have been using them for 4 years so do you have any little tricks to give us?


Some people find them bulky to carry so here are a few solutions:

  • I always carry an extra ball in my pocket so I keep my ball inside tee #7 in my pocket.If you don’t like it and find it too bulky, you can use a clip and put the clip on your belt loop or skirt or on the outside of your golf bag on a ring etc…
  • Another trick is if you like to use tee #1 on a Par 3 with an IRON and there is a divot where you like to tee it off.I now use tee #2 in the divot instead, it gives me the same height as tee #1 outside the divot, but if I miss my shot then the tee is more likely to stay in the divot and won’t fly as far as if I miss my shot with the #1 not in a divot. Tee # 2 is also a little larger than tee #1 and easier to find if you miss your shot.
  • My last trick is like I mentioned before, if you are hitting into the wind then drop from tee #7 to #6 for example with your Driver, to have a lower ball flight and cut through the wind.On the other hand if the wind is behind you and you want extra carry from the wind you can go up from tee #7 to #8 to get extra height on your tee shot.

How long did it take you to get used to them, since they are larger than most tees? 

It took me about 3 rounds of golf and after that you don’t even notice the tees anymore.

Very important question: Have they improved your game?


After 3 weeks I noticed an improvement in my drives as many other people using them do as well.

The reason is very simple:

It all comes down to CONSISTENTCY.

Your tee shots are always (100% of the time) at precisely the same height for your Driver, Woods, Hybrids and Irons.

You no longer stress or worry that you ball is too high or too low.

If you get a bad shot you can’t blame it on the height of your ball being different than before.

So this CONSTANT tee height transfers into more CONFIDENCE & CONSISTENCY.

Last question: Does Birtee donate to different organizations?

In Perth there are 2 offices that we make donations to:

  • The Canadian Cancer Society
  • The Alzheimer’s Society.

We also donate for Breast Cancer Research.