“Knowing the ball is always at the same height has improved my game.”

 ”I want to thank you for this wonderful invention. It makes the positioning of the ball so much easier and precise. It speeds up my set up and knowing the ball is always at the same height has improved my game. I now hit the ball straighter and therefore gain more distance approx.20 yards. I tried all the different sizes, but have picked my 3 favorite sizes: #6 for my driver, # 3 for my 3 Wood and #2 for my Irons. I just love the easy consistency.”

Gord, Perth, Ontario, Canada


Canadian Forces Soldier-On Program member & disabled veteran is inspired to golf again!

“As a disabled veteran suffering with severe neuropathic and musculoskeletal disabilities which cause me to endure constant intractable pain and limited range of motion for both upper and lower body, I had all but given up the potential to play golf with any consistency or regularity.  I was by no means what one would call a good golfer previously, but I could hold my own and could play with little to no discomfort, but because of severe pain and discomfort that is no longer the case, or was.

Late last summer I was introduced to your BirTee and dare I say I am once again eager to tee off.  As a member of the Canadian Forces Soldier On program I have been very shy to apply for the golf programs for fear of the painful experience of trying to tee my ball and retrieve my tee afterwards.  I was also fearful of the potential injury and pain from playing on hard terrains, but, no longer is that the case.  Thanks to the BirTee and as I discovered during a recent SMGA Tourney for Wounded Warriors in Watertown, NY, I learned that as suggested by my physio assistant that I could if need be….slightly elevate my ball on a bad day using the lower numbered tees, thereby allowing me to avoid injury or pain on hard terrains.

I am no longer shaking when placing my tee on the tee box or for that matter when I bend down to retrieve it.  What a magnificent difference.

I am so glad also to see your product has now been brought in to the CANEX stores and into the fold of the Soldier On program.  Hopefully it will soon reach the masses everywhere.

What a great invention.  Thank you for giving me that inspiration to golf once again.

Frank Larabie, Perth, ON”


“Bad back?  Problem solved with Birtee Pro!”

 As a 74 year old man who still loves the game, but has difficulty setting a tee because of a bad back, the Birtee Pro has solved my problem.  I use the #6 Birtee Pro with my 10½ degree Cobra driver unless hitting into a strong wind when I change to a shorter # 4.  My drives are better because of the consistent height the tee provides.

Many thanks Mario

Jim Cassin Port Alberni, B.C.



“Straighter, longer shots and less pain bending is a benefit felt immediately”

“I have been using your BIRTEE PRO golf tees since July, 2011 (they were given to me by a friend) and would like to thank you for inventing them.

The Tees provide easy consistency and no resistance which is producing more flush shots and less side spin (the holy grail of golf).

They are so easy to use and my Boomer Buddies who have knee, back or sciatica issues are just so grateful that they can tee the ball without having to fiddle and stick the tee into the ground which is difficult for them especially on hard dry teeing areas (They will really come in handy in the autumn and early spring when the ground is cold and harder).

I know they are environmentally friendly and that is a bonus, but I must confess that straighter, longer shots and less pain bending is a benefit felt immediately and will provide more years of pure enjoyment of the game.

Good luck with your vision and thanks again for making something in Canada that is really useful and provides such simple pleasure.”

Arny Augustin, Toronto, Ontario, Canada



“Before the round was over, [everyone] was using the tees and loving them.”

The First Tee of South Central Wisconsin,

“We had an unusually dry and hot summer this year (2011) in Madison, Wisconsin, and the course is littered with broken tees.

Kids in The First Tee of South Central Wisconsin were spending almost a full minute trying to get their tees into the hard ground!  But one kid caught the attention of all the others.  Ten-year-old Klaire had a package of pink BIRTEE golf tees.

Without a struggle, she would set up her tee, strike the ball, easily find her tee and put it back in her bag pocket.  One by one, the kids would ask to “borrow” her tees, and as soon as they tried them, they wanted their own.

The most convincing and amusing incident portraying the value of the tees to the kids was when Klaire offered to share her pink tee with a young teenaged lad who had been intrigued by them.  As he accepted the offer under the scrutinizing eyes of his two buddies, he explained, “I like pink!”  Before the round was over, every one of the boys was using the tees and loving them.

Not only do the tees work beautifully on the course, they will be especially helpful when we introduce golf to kids in the Boys and Girls Club and YMCA gymnasiums!  They will work perfectly for teeing up the low-flight practice balls!

Thanks, Mario, for this brilliant invention!”

 Joni Dye, Exec. Director, The First Tee of South Central Wisconsin, U.S.A.



Same height & easy to use on firm tee decks….little details that can improve your game!


What I like about the BirTee Pro is that I know the ball will always be at the same height.


However firm the tee decks at the golf course I’m playing I never have to fight to get a tee in or out of the ground.

I’m never fumbling around looking for a good tee and don’t have a mess of tees in my pockets and golf bag anymore.

It’s a small detail but any attention I can save to focus on my shot has to improve my game.

When I started using the BirTee three years ago I was a 13 handicap and now I’m an 8.


Thank you Mario for a great innovation!

Dennis……Kanata, Ontario.



Very durable, ball always at the same height & ideal for cold days!

“About two and a half years ago I started using a #8 Birtee for all of my drives.  At first, the guys that I usually play with gave me a little grief about how it looked, but they don’t do that anymore. While they continue to go through wooden tees and forever tees (which don’t last forever, I’ve tried them) like they were free candy, I continue to use my ONE Birtee on every Par 4 or 5 hole tee box.

I know they are starting to come around when they tell strangers that they wish they had a Birtee for the really cold days when the tee boxes are frozen. Now two and a half years later I have placed an order for more #8 Birtees so I can share them with my golfing buddies and I can retire my faithful first Birtee.

I would strongly recommend Birtees to any golfer. The ball is always at the same height and with the variety pack you can pick the height you like best.”

Pete Stickney, Boise Idaho



“I had broken my wrist… Birtee made it so much easier to start playing again”

“My consistency has greatly improved with having a tee that is always the same height…and it has certainly given me more confidence.  I had broken my wrist and not having to push a tee in the hard ground made it so much easier to start playing again.  I like the idea of not breaking anymore wooden tees and not polluting the golf course.
Thanks to the inventor for this idea.  I’m telling all my friends about it.  I also love the fact that BIRTEE GOLF donates to the Alzheimer and the Breast Cancer Research.”

Norma, Perth, Ontario, Canada



“Great product! I now don’t have to think about teeing up.”

“Great product! I now don’t have to think about teeing up. I just have to concentrate on my swing and do not have to worry about the tee being at the same height or not.”

Matt Miernik, Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia



“Excellent for youth, beginners of any age and seniors”

“Personally, due to the consistent height of the BIRTEE golf tees, I have been able to concentrate more on swing development.  As a result my drives have been longer and straighter.

Professionally, as a health care professional, I was amazed with the benefits the BIRTEE offers golfers.  For seniors with decreased mobility, youth learning to play the game and even advanced golfers the BIRTEE offers exceptional advantages compared to traditional tees. I am more interested in the simplicity of the product that is excellent for youth, beginners of any age and seniors.  This product will help them with either learning how to play the sport or help them with their reduced mobility, while taking better care of the environment. They are not only used on the course, but can be used as indoor training tees for the winter months.”
Luc Moore, Hb.HK.Cep, New Energy Athletics
Pakenham, Ontario, Canada



“BIRTEE golf tees provide for all tee shots from Driver to Wedge.”

“One of the most important factors in hitting good golf shots is the centeredness of impact, not just heel to toe centeredness, but also up and down on a vertical axis.  The BIRTEE system of graduated sizes allows golfers to tee the ball the correct height with all their clubs when teeing off.
Once a golfer finds the correct tee suited to the face height of their driver, an improvement in driving distance and accuracy will be realized.
The other makers of alternative tees do not provide the shorter tees necessary when teeing off with the more lofted irons. ie. 9 iron, PW, SW.  For example, I use BIRTEE # 3 with my 3, 4 & 5 Irons, birTee # 2 with my 6, 7 & 8 Irons and BIRTEE # 1 with my 9 Iron, PW & SW.  The BIRTEE golf tees provide for all tee shots from Driver to Wedge. ”

Scott MacDonald Class A Member C.P.G.A.
Owner Juniper Fairways, Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada



“The consistency and distance of my drives is greatly improved.”

 ”The consistency and distance of my drives is greatly improved.  Not having to adjust the height of my tees makes the shots more comfortable and reliable.”

Chris Evoy, Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada



“My drives on average would be 10 to 15 yards longer.”

“Simplicity – constant height (as defined with respect to SimpliciTee: place on the ground and hit, constant height) is critical.  I used this product for the second half of this season and I did not hit one, (not a one), sky shot or worm burner.
Consistency – constant height of the ball at tee off eliminates a variable (different height of the ball) of the shot.  By virtue of this, my drives on average would be 10 to 15 yards longer during an average round. ”

Kevin M. Kemptville, Ontario, Canada



“It is so easy to use.  They work awesome!”

“I like the ease of teeing up the ball and it is always at the same height. It is so easy to use. I found out about your product from our Canadian friends that we golfed with. They work awesome!”

Lance, Arizona, USA




“BIRTEE PRO – how simple yet effective an idea!  I only recently heard of the product (September 27, 2011), but I now wonder how I managed before.  I believe I am the first blind golfer to use the product and have already passed on tees to SDGP members in Scotland and our friends in England.  Using number 2, 3 and 6 regularly, identification is easy with the internal ridges and sturdy structure.  Well done Mario!!

Jim Gales MBE
Springfield, Scotland
Chairman SDGP (Scottish Disability Golf Partnership) & Team Scotland




“I first discovered BIRTEE PRO whilst playing for Scotland in the Inaugural Pan-Disabled International: England v Scotland 2011 “Auld Enemies Cup” at Slaley Hall, Northumberland, England, which took place October 7th-9th, 2011.

After trying them on the range I am hooked. Being blind, I struggle to maintain a constant height for my woods from the tee due to not being able to see the tee peg. I end up hitting low skimmers of very high shots which just hit the wind and balloon as a result of the tee being at the wrong height. Not anymore, I now even have two heights for my driver, one into wind keeping it low and one higher for the high wind behind drive.

The colour is excellent. I’m not only blind but red/green colour blind and the Blue BIRTEE PRO is easy to see.

I have used traditional solid winter tees but they just shatter and pieces break off. I now have a tie of 5 BIRTEES, 2 for my Driver, 1 for my 3 Wood, 1 for Irons and 1 for high Wedges.

No more tee pegs sticking in my legs just my 5 BIRTEES which will see me through the golfing year, “bring on winter golf and frozen tee boxes.”

Peter Osborne
Team Scotland



“Brilliant, Ingenious, Revolutionary Tee! An absolute must for any golfer…!”

“Brilliant, Ingenious, Revolutionary Tee! These are the words that spring to my mind to describe the new BIRTEE PRO.
I first discovered this fabulous invention at our recent Inaugural Pan-Disabled Scotland v England match at the Slaley Hall Resort, Northumberland, England, which took place October 7th-9th, 2011.
As a blind golfer I have never before come across something so easy to use time after time. The consistent height, stability in windy conditions & how easy they are to find after hitting my Tee shot just amazed me. It is now one less thing I have to think about on the Tee as I know my ball is at exactly the right height for every club in my bag. I am also very impressed how easy they are to identify thanks to the ridge system inside them. An absolute must for any golfer but especially for blind or visually impaired golfers & I will definitely be recommending them to my friends. A 5 star product!”

Stevie Cunningham
SDGP Vice Chairman & Scotland Team Vice Captain



“Having Primary Progressive MS, my walking/balance is poor. It is very difficult for me to push a conventional tee into the ground…The BIRTEE PRO tees will aid my independence on the course, rather than always having to rely on a helper.”

“Hi Mario,

I am contacting you from the Disabled Golf Society of England and Wales, our members have disabilities ranging from amputees, stroke survivors, cerebral palsy, partially sighted and deaf.
I have MS myself and thought my golfing days were behind me as I cannot walk, but I can still stand and can hit a ball (albeit without using my legs), I’m not as good as I used to be, but it’s great being out on the golf course again.
We recently played against Scotland in the inaugural ‘Auld Enemies Cup’ a ‘Ryder Cup’ style match play event, which took place October 7th-9th, 2011 at the Slaley Hall Resort, Northumberland, England.
You were very kind to donate some of your ‘BIRTEE PRO tees’ to Jim Gales (the Scottish captain) and he passed them on to the England team.

The tees proved a success.
Having Primary Progressive MS, my walking/balance is poor. It is very difficult for me to push a conventional tee into the ground, especially into hard ground. So, therefore, the BIRTEE PRO tees will be a great help to me and aid my independence on the course, rather than always having to rely on a helper.
An excellent idea!”

Graeme Robertson (Team England Captain)



Client at GOLF 18, Répentigny, Québec.


 My name is Jean Arcand. I am a golf fanatic with a 12 handicap. I met you at the Montreal Golf Show, March 2012 in Laval.  I bought some samples of your BIRTEE PRO golf tees.

 I use Tee #5 with my Driver and Tee # 2 for the Par 3s with my Irons, Hybrids and 4 Wood.

 What I  like best about your product is that there is no resistance when I hit my tee shots.

 I also always have my ball at the same height. All I have to do is deposit the tee on the ground.

 Another nice surprise is that I play golf all winter long at GOLF 18  Golf Simulator in Répentigny, Québec and they started to use your product.  NICE !

 Keep up the good work,

  Jean Arcand, Montréal, Québec, January 2013.


GOLF 18, Répentigny & Laval, Québec.

Golf 18 introduced the BIRTEE PRO golf tees this year in its’ Golf Simulator Centers in Répentigny & Laval, Québec and we have found it to be an ideal tee solution for our centers. Our customers appreciate using these tees as they are easy to use and easy to find.

François – GOLF 18, Répentigny, Québec, January 2013.





We have been using the Birtee Pro golf tees at our Golf Simulators at Golf In Boisbriand for almost a year now and we are completely satisfied!

Our clients appreciate how simple it is to use these tees of 8 different heights that can be used for any size club.

The consistency that it offers as opposed to a traditional tee is one of the main qualities of this product, which is used more and more by our clients.  Even better is the fact that golfers can use the tees Indoor as well as Outdoor, which gives them a stability that they could not benefit from otherwise.

These tees are the ideal solution for our Golf Simulators: they don’t break, their bright colors make it possible to find them quickly and they provide a complete choice of heights to our clients!

 Sarah-Ève Kemp

Coordonnatrice principale, (Principal coordinator)

GOLF IN BOISBRIAND, Boisbriand, Québec,  January 2013.





I bought some BIRTEE PRO golf tees in 2012 for those pesky frozen tee boxes (some #6 and #2 heights).  I showed them to the guys in my golf group, and they laughed at my new gadget.

We have played golf all thru the 2013 winter here in northern Virginia, mostly in frozen conditions. I broke out the BirTees, and the guys are now swearing by them! 

BTW, I took 2 Birtees of the 2 different heights I bought and tied them together using one foot lengths of string. Now they are impossible to lose in the leaves. 

Great product, and the nay-sayers have ended up liking them!


Clifton, Virginia, USA


Using the BIRTEE PRO with the SoloRider = greater independence & faster play!

I just discovered the BIRTEE PRO golf tees (April 2013).

I use the SoloRider golf cart to help me get around the course as I am a paraplegic golfer and now by using the BIRTEE PRO with the SoloRider it gives me even greater independence.   I really like the tees, especially the ones for the Driver.  They r SO easy to just throw on the ground and set up for a shot, no fiddling with my tee to put in the ground…. SO MUCH EASIER–MUCH LESS TIME,,,


Very cool!! 


Rick Slaughter, Nashville, Tennessee, USA