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Get a Free INDIVIDUAL SIZE PACK (size & color of your choice) after you place an order of $20 or more from this page.  You simply have to send me an E mail (at: ) and tell me 3 things:

1: How you found out about the Birtee Pro golf tees?  

2: Are you buying them to use on the Golf Course or for Winter Golf or in a Golf Simulator?

3: Finally, tell me which Size of the 8 Individual Sizes you would like and in which of the 6 colors and I will add that Pack to your order, to thank you for the information and for your purchase. 

For example:  Size #2 in YELLOW    or Size #7 in BLUE.


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WHOLESALE price list:  If you own a Store or Pro Shop or Golf Simulator facility and would like a WHOLESALE price list, just send me an E mail (at: ) and I will be happy to send you one.




 The promo pack ($9.99)



The 8 pack ($9.99)


6 Color choices

Individual Sizes Packs $6.99

Individual Sizes

8 Sizes available:
Insert your Color Choices (Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow or White) in the box:


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